Division of Property

Our state’s system can result in one being responsible for debts which they wouldn't normally think belong to them personally.

Orange County Community Property Attorneys

Many are surprised to learn the impact of California’s community property laws. Our state’s system can result in one being responsible for debts which they thought would belong to the other spouse or in one’s soon to be ex having a right to various assets. This can leave someone in a worse position, following a divorce, then they thought they would otherwise be in. Our Orange County community property lawyers help to resolve disputes over whether assets and debts should belong to one or both spouses. Contact our office today to speak with an attorney. We handle such matters in Anaheim, Santa Ana, and throughout the rest of our area.

Community property lawyers handling disputes in Anaheim, Santa Ana, and the rest of Orange County

California is among of a minority of states which follow the concept of “community property.” This means that property or debt acquired during a marriage is considered to belong equally to both spouses, regardless of how it is titled or whose name it is in. This concept generally does not apply to property acquired by gift or inheritance. Contested divorce cases can often involve disputes over whether or not property and debts should be considered part of a community or separate to one spouse.

It is common for spouses to disagree over how property and debt should be divided. One may feel that they should not be responsible for credit card obligations incurred by their soon to be ex. There may also be a situation where one feels they are entitled to half the value of property which is not legally in their name. Disputes over whether assets and debts should be part of the community will revolve around whether the items existed before the marriage, whether community assets were used to acquire them, and whether one spouse engaged in marital waste while acquiring debt. Establishing one’s right to have property, or to be free from debt, requires building a case through the acquisition of financial records and other documentation. It is important that you retain a lawyer who knows how to build such a case.

Our family law attorneys handle community property issues stemming from Orange County divorce cases. Once retained we will identify which property and debts may be part of the marriage and those which should be considered separate. We will use discovery, the process by which information is gained from the other side, to acquire information such as bank statements, emails, check ledgers, title documents, and other records. We will use this information to present a case to the Court that you should receive the relief you are requesting. Divorce represents a new phase of your life. It is important you begin this new phase on as strong a financial footing as possible. Contact us today.

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Divorce lawyers providing personalized service to Orange County residents during community property disputes

The stress of a divorce is bad enough. Also having to worry about how the case will impact your finances can be too much for some to bear. Our lawyers strive to provide a personalized level of service in each and every case so that you can get through your situation as efficiently as possible. We promptly return phone calls and quickly respond to emails. We ensure that our clients are copied on correspondence and receive copies of court pleadings. Perhaps most important is the fact that we ensure that we are available to answer your questions. We understand that you are facing a serious situation and the provision of quality service is our promise to each and every client we serve.